Essay On Teenagers And Social Media

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Not too long ago when an adult looked at a teenager or a young adult that they would see someone powerless with little to no rights to do what they wanted, but this simply isn’t the case anymore. Teenagers and young adults have the major influence in the world today they influence culture, communication, technology and most importantly other teens. More than ever before teens have control over more than their own mind, they get to choose not only what is popular, but also where our technology advances to and how we communicate. There are people that argue that social media is bad and that we simply shouldn’t have it and while these people are way in the minority now, they do still exist. There is a downside to social media ordinarily “teens now spend up to nine hours a day on social platforms” (Asano). The fact that we spend so much time on social media can definitely be a downside nevertheless it's not necessarily bad. Social media as a whole has changed how we communicate with each other all over the world. It used to be that we had to write letters or go straight to someone's door and talk to them, that changed when the telephone was invented, then people could simply dial a number and be connected to whoever they wanted. Now the preferred method of contacting someone is through texting or social media. Teens now prefer rather than using the actual messaging app on their phone to contact someone through their phone number to use Instagram, Snapchat and sometimes
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