Essay On The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a war fought to eradicate Britain’s control over the colonies. Many things led to the American revolution such as constant taxations from Britain without the colonists having any representation, constant rebellions (like shays rebellion and bacon’s rebellion) of the colonists against the British, and also Britain’s decision to make the colonies pay the war debt from the French and Indian War. Many would argue that the revolutionary war was not revolutionary in nature, however, I disagree because looking at the colonies after the war, not many changes were made, which is why I stand on the side of it not being revolutionary in nature. Preceding to the war, separation amongst the colonists occurred, those who sided …show more content…

The colonists first took a peaceful approach through the olive branch petition, but king George disregarded it. Later on, Patriot, Thomas Paine, author of the ‘Common Sense’, wrote it to influence the colonists to declare their independence by breaking away from Britain. This led to many colonists wanting to remove themselves under the British rule. As a result, The declaration of independence was written, and it became an official document declaring the colonies’ separation from Britain. I believe that the War was not revolutionary in nature because though there were changes in the government, there weren’t many changes in the social and economic structures in the colonies. One might say that it was revolutionary due to the removal of monarch rule and forming a democratic nation. However the war had most impacts on the government rather than life in the colonies. Before the war, slaves and women’s rights were never acknowledged, and the only people who had mose rights were white men. In the end, the Revolutionary war was never revolutionary in nature. The changes that the colonies wanted were government related. Colonists wanted an end to constant taxations and being treated unfairly. Many things remained the same after the revolution, which is why I supported the idea that the war was never

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