Essay On The Color Of The Physician's Skin

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I have seen several occasions online specifically where the nurse or doctor is a person of color and the patient outright refuses to be seen or touched by them simply because of the color of their skin. In my opinion, this is a form of anchoring simply because the patient is taking a small amount of information, “the color of the physician’s skin” without looking at their work experience or certifications. The specific issue I was referencing pertain to biases regarded the patients being treated as incompetent because of the color of their skin and a doctor simply began over taking a patient because the assumption was he knew better than the patients which might be true however, doing so disrespected their wishes. Schroeder, elaborated on …show more content…

Normally what is the age demographic of people in this profession? Yes, people should be smart enough to treat every situation as different however, that is not always the case everyone has biases. Jill Suttie expanded on these ideas directly pertaining to teachers however, they can apply to almost any situation. (2016) The first step is admitting you have certain biases or ideologizes pertain to certain groups of people that you simply don’t apply to others. The second step is trying to view someone else’s perspective because at the end of the day they have feelings just like you. Prating kind affirmations is also ideal don’t go into any situation assuming the worst when you don’t have all the facts! (Suttie, 2016). Another form of bias that individuals might generally practice is assuming you already know the answer with seeing all the variables. This tends to happen when an individual becomes complacent. For example, if the flu is going around and a child presents some of the symptoms if the physician was experiencing tunnel vision they would assume the patient had the flu and not something more serious like meningitis. Or most people that I’ve come across right off women who are pregnant with their first child simply because every illness, or ailment warrants a doctor’s visit. So, if you assume a pregnant first-time mom is being difficult or hysterical and you write her off you could be sending someone home who needs help. Arability

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