Essay On The Decline Of The Mongols

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introduction: The Mongol Empire was the largest country in the world around early 1200s. But the Mongol Empire was finally declined. The history of the Mongols is interesting because the rise and decline of Mongols was so quick. The history of the Mongol Empire shows a lot of political skills, such as the leadership of Genghis Khan, the political of Kublai Khan, and the two aspects between civilization and barbarian of the Mongols.
Body 1:
M: Genghis Khan is a great leader to leading the country by fighting in troubled days.
E: Genghis Khan leaded the nomads go to the south to get the country enough power and stuff, and Genghis Khan created the Mongol Empire.
L: Temujin consolidates dispersed Mongolian tribes.
E: Genghis Khan was a person who …show more content…

L: Kublai Khan established the Yuan Dynasty and supported the arts,
E: The contribution of the Mongols on Chinese arts is the proof of being civilization absolutely, arts are the symbol of civilized.
L: The Mongol Empire contacted with Europe and caused the “Black Death”.
E: The Mongols didn’t choose to trade with the European countries into war and killing, the action caused almost the whole European people died by pestilence, just because the Mongols wanted to win and earn honor, this shows how cruel the barbarians were.
C: In conclusion, without doubt, the Mongols were civilization, however, the Mongols cannot move the natural wild.
Conclusion: All in all, the success or the failure of the Mongols is all due to very same reason-- brutal. I think the characters of the people of Mongols are wild, though the Mongol Empire got rich and power, they were still savage in political projects. I agree the Mongols had good culture, they had the side of civilization, but the Mongols were too bold. The proper bold could make the Mongols become successful, but too bold is a kind of barbarian, this could make the Mongols

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