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The SBW is one of the most destructive insect defoliators in North America with outbreaks recurring every 30-35 years resulting in tree mortality after 5-6 years of severe defoliation. The Minèstere des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP) (2014) suggests that two main factors can help to determine if the forest presents a case of SBW infestation due to the susceptibility of trees and its vulnerability depending on the characteristics of the tree (e.g. shape, size, color, species, and age) as this living organism is a great threat to the forest due to the severity of damage caused by these elements and more important, a great quantity of trees could die causing loss of revenues (Ministère des Forêts, 2015). The more susceptible trees…show more content…
These fractions can vary depending the species and age class. The model keeps track of the infested and un-infested hectares separately. Other existing approach like Levy, Hipel et Kilgour (2000) proposes a multicriteria methodology integrating uncertainty by identifying different alternatives that are robust to environmental uncertainty using sustainable development indicators such as forest volume, spray area, and harvest area to make and to take complex decisions using forest management decision policies on SBW populations in Eastern Canada, New Brunswick. For instance, Shoemaker (1981) discusses the methods for addressing the pest management models are characterized by a) large number of variables; b) stochastic, nonlinear population dynamics; and c) fixed cost functions. It suggests that Stochastic Optimization is a good approach for dealing with pest problems as well as dynamic programming but several other optimization methods have also proven useful for random environments as they provide also previous information. The most exhaustive systems analysis of forest pest management has focused on the SBW, a pest which in recent years has killed hundreds of thousands of hectares of coniferous trees in eastern Canada and United States. Shoemaker (1981) does not consider the age for the planning horizon of the model (over a hundred years) analyzing their economic value when harvested because of SBW damage. Others like Hennigar et al. (2007) optimizes the
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