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Upon Julian’s arrival, David started to feel his life really getting back on track. It had been only four months since they’d seen each other, but in many respects it felt like years. Since David didn’t feel like the same guy who had left Canada in June, it seemed that more time had passed than actually had, but neither their friendship nor their music had lost a beat. Julian had cut his shoulder length hair to mid-neck, changed his dreads to twists, and had been working out, so his body was more toned and muscular than ever. He’d turn 18 next month, but could pass for 23. His black eyes were as clear and piercing as ever, his nature as curious, and his mind as limpid. The deep red bedroom at the end of the hall became his room, and he …show more content…

For David though, anything other than just hanging out with a girl exceeded his comfort zone. . . . By the time he turned seventeen on December 14th, Oblivion’s new incarnation had taken shape. Cedric, the drummer, had little band experience, but he was energetic, intuitive and a quick learner. The bass player, Luther, was determined to be a lot better than he currently was, and his motivation made up for his mediocre present ability. With enough practice he’d improve, as he was a hard worker and showed talent. Since David and Julian both liked the dedication and attitude of Luther and Cedric, they immediately accepted them both into the band without hesitation. The four of them had good chemistry. The band not only felt right, it felt right in a sense that was undeniable, and it was full speed ahead. David was now the sole frontman—Julian wanted it that way, preferring just to co-write the songs and play his guitar, both of which he continued to do in ever more innovative and distinctive ways. On weekends, the four of them often went down to London to check out the scene, and then to crash at Julian’s cousin’s Tottenham flat. After months of practicing in the farmhouse basement five hours a day, Oblivion began playing small venues and aroused a great response. He had learned many empowering things from both his grandmother and Cecilia and he felt support from unseen forces at his side as well. He dreamt about Ambrose several times and began to recall many of

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