A Review Of 'Rock's Boy Geniuses'?

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In October, their eponymously titled debut album was released. Most of the reviews were positive, and optimism about the band’s future was abounding. David and Julian were thunderstruck to hear themselves called “rock’s boy geniuses”. Upon reading the review titles such as, “A Masterful Debut”, “Oblivion Arrives Full-Blown”, and “Anything But Your Usual Boy Band”, the four of them felt like they were living a dream. Julian said it was as if he’d been given the keys to the planet, while Luther and Cedric remained in a euphoric daze. Luther said he had a premonition of playing Wembley one day. David knew they’d play Wembley one day as well, but it wasn’t a premonition—it was the reality he was creating. All the doors that were once closed …show more content…

Although he was offered every kind of pleasure, he continued to spend most of his time working, as that was his comfort zone. He’d wanted to avoid this aspect of life a little longer, but with so many gorgeous girls coming on to him, it became increasingly difficult not to give some of them a chance, so he decided to start dating and see where it led. That distinction between hanging out and dating was what he found awkward. The former he was comfortable with, but the latter entailed taking someone out with the intention of possibly starting a relationship, and the concept put him off a little. He tried to keep it as informal as possible—coffee, a walk in the park, a drink..., but some suggested going out to dinner which always made him feel like he was on a real date. Most of the girls he took out were models, actresses and singers, and many of those dates started out well. He was good at conversation and known to be an attentive listener. Occasionally he’d enjoy the company and relax his guard. He was attracted to some of them and often started to make out, but every time it came down to actually getting close to having sex, he’d think of her. Even kissing fell way short of the electrifying meeting of the lips that he had felt with... he still didn’t know whether to say Cecilia or Lia. He was further confounded about their explosive kisses since she was only projecting, and it all happened on the astral plane. The exchange of energy

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