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It’s just a normal day, the sun is high, and so is the heat, the birds are cheerfully chirping, and the air is crisp and fresh. The hotels just happen to be extremely packed with guests, mainly couples, either traveling, looking for a place to cool off, or coming on “official love business”. It’s even worse when you have an enticing name that draws couples, and the occasional single, in like a moth to a flame. The name was super simple, but it still drew quite the crowd. Maybe it wasn’t just the name, the staff there kinda only happened to be girls that were visually attractive, only some of them were intelligently attractive, the rest were just plain dumb and apparently all that really mattered these days were how pretty you are and how …show more content…

She happened to be the most intellectual one there, and she was kinda playing her life smart, fall in love once and try not to make any one night stands. It went pretty good, even though her boss was attracted to her more than any of the other staff, and she received a lot of propositions from guys, but besides that i guess it made her feel good and bad at the same time rejecting people like this. Then there happened to be one guy that would walk in that she kept her eye on, he came in regularly, and shockingly didn’t hop around the girls. He stuck to one girl, or bitch to some, and i guess that kinda created some kind of seed of jealousy in her, although shyness would get the best of her if he ever looked her way, boy that oughta be frustrating. Then after like 4 months of coming in regularly he stopped and at the same time that happened, Chrystal, the bitch girlfriend of his, was acting strange. If you were smart enough to figure it out, yeah, they had a fallout. After that, Chrystal started sleeping around with other guys kinda making it obvious that she wasn’t dating for real anymore, it made it very obvious. So pretty much life just resumed to normal, except for the fact that one customer didn’t show up for about 2 months, everything was back to just the way it was 6 months ago.
Now it’s present day and everything is as it should be, business is good, people are enjoying themselves, it's hot as hell outside, but it’s beautiful and sunny. Angel

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