Essay On The Oil And Gas Industry As A Supply Chain Management After The Hurricanes

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The oil and gas industry is vital to many industries and is of importance to the maintenance of industrialized civilization itself and that is critical concern for many. Oil accounts for a larger percentage of the world’s energy consumption and the world consumes roughly 30 billion barrels of oil each year. While society, on a normal day to day basis consumes a large quantity, the demand spikes when areas are struck with catastrophic situations, such as the two hurricanes that hit this year. Focusing on the oil and gas industries as a supply chain manager, during the hurricanes, we evaluated Valero and how they overcame the obstacles they went through during and after the storm. Valero has headquarters in Corpus Christi and Houston along …show more content…

The gas supply chain has many phases but can be grouped together as five phases and some being more invasive then others. All companies in the Oil and Gas industries use the, some slightly different, process of phases the gasoline takes to be distributed. The first phase that is taken is the domestic and import of oil that is sent to the refinery, the next 4 steps are the steps that are taken to turn the oil and gas into a product that can be used for the public and how it is distributed. All phase of the gasoline supply chain are very crucial and no phases can be skipped over.

Our team went with Valero Energy to research and how they run their day-to-day operations and what procedures they take when faced with difficult situations such as hurricanes. Valero Energy operates two business segments, refining and ethanol and current operate 15 refineries throughout the US, Canada, the UK and Aruba. Valero Energy delivers its products through tankers, pipelines, trucks, or rail cars. This company is well known and on the up and up to try and become the largest independent refiners in the US and currently churns out roughly 3 million barrels per day. The phases taken by Valero the same as other well-known companies but they take pride in holding a lower cost at their products.
Phase Two of the gasoline supply chain involves refineries manufacturing crude oil into gasoline and other petroleum products. When severe

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