Essay On The Reggio Emilia Approach

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Reggio Emilia approach is a curriculum that emerges from the children’s ideas, thoughts and observations. One of the main aspect of the Reggio Emilia approach is the hundred languages of children. Children use different ways of thinking, they discover learning through painting, modelling and music, pretend play and drawing. The Reggio approach emphasises that children learn best by hands-on discovery, as it allows the children to use all of their senses and their languages to learn. In my current placement, I use communication, responding, and extending interaction strategies with the children. Children are naturally curious about everything and want to ask questions to know more. For children, communication is a process of learning, discovering…show more content…
I use to observe the children piling up the blocks around them, and enclose themselves and pretend that it was their bed. To further extend their play, I encouraged the children to grab pillows, blankets and stuffed animals from the dramatic centre. The group then would go over the dramatic centre, change into different costumes such as: princess, prince, and dinosaurs. They would explore their creative imagination in pretend playing by slaying dragons and protecting the princess and enjoying it thoroughly. Similarly, by observing the children’s interests and ideas, I then planned and implemented a variety of other activities that allowed the children to explore their creativity such as building a watering hole with tree blocks for the animals to drink water from. I encouraged the children to find other objects they would need at their watering hole.
Furthermore, as a teacher’s role, I would take this opportunity to document the children’s progress on their thoughts and progression of thinking. In the form of making their thoughts visible by taking pictures, video, dialogues and portfolio. By documenting this, children’s learning process will be visually displayed for the children and parents to see on the
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