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Within the employees whom work for the State of Tennessee, there are many jobs that have a high turnover rate. Within that broad category falls Correctional Officers (C.Os) specifically within Morgan County Correctional Complex (MCCX). The turnover rate grew by 15.6% from 2014 (20%) to 2016 (35.6%). During this time a couple functions changed within that prison that evidently contributed to the turnover rate. These changes are including but not limited to higher insurance plans, employees having to contribute to retirement and going away with longevity pay. All of these changes negatively impacted employees, especially new employees. High turnover rates hinder companies viciously financially, morale and the ability to properly function.…show more content…
Feeling overworked and tired gives reasoning for a fair portion of the C.Os to have low morale, which causes more issues. One issue that low morale brings is the C.Os not caring about their job and becoming complacent. Another reason it is it important for the C.Os to have high morale is because when they do not, the new employees see it. When new employees see the C.Os having a low morale level they tend to either quit while in training or also come into the workplace with low morale hence the cycle continues.
An additional issue that MCCX has due to the high turn-over rate it the ability to operate to its full potential. The mission of the Tennessee Department of Corrections is to operate safe and secure prisons and provide effective community supervision in order to enhance public safety. To operate safe and secure prisons is the portion of the mission that regards MCCX. MCCX is a maximum security prison hence there are very corrupt people within the prison who do bad things such as lie, manipulate, steal and/or hurt one another or themselves. One of the most important attributes to running a safe prison is for the C.Os to be able to know the inmates so they are able to predict when the inmate is not acting according to their normal self. It is not safe for a C.O to constantly be put around inmates that they are not familiar with. This causes for a stressful environment because the C.O has to
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