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Vulnerable Population: Drug Use in Adolescents in Pleasant Valley, NY I live in the small community of Pleasant Valley, New York. Pleasant Valley is in central Dutchess County and is a suburban-rural community north of New York City. Pleasant Valley is a quiet 3 stoplight town consisting of residential areas as well as farms. The town is quaint and its name reflects it. However, in recent years, drug use by adolescents is on the rise. Pleasant Valley has had a member of the community die from heroin overdose as well as multiple arrests for possession and distribution of illegal drugs. These drugs consist of heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs and marijuana. Knowing these drugs are available in this small community puts its residence at risk. The U.S. Census Bureau lists persons under 18 years of age 23.2% of Pleasant Valley’s population. This is almost one-fourth of the community. The purpose of this paper is to identify and assess this vulnerable population. According to Nies and McEwen (2015), “the primary concern of community health nurses is to improve the health of the community” (pg. 92). Education is the first step in raising awareness about the…show more content…
The topic is talked about but quietly and behind closed doors. No one wants to admit that it is their problem. The stigma attached to drug use needs to be eradicated and instead be discussed openly and often. Recognizing it as an illness, identifying risk factors, educating and communicating are strategies needed to combat this health problem. The Health People 2020 objective SA-2.4 works to “Increase the proportion of high school seniors never using substances—Illicit drugs.” Educating adolescents, families and the community about the risks and consequences associated with illegal drug use makes objective SA-2.4
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