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How to be “On” When the Camera is On
Video skills are no longer a “nice to have” – every NAPFA registered advisor should be prepared to speak on camera or web video. It’s not just about you; it’s for the greater good.
By Marie Swift for NAPFA Advisor magazine (due date Sept 1, 2017) 1500 words or less requested [1107 words below + possible visuals to enhance the spread]
Imagine you are at a NAPFA conference or another industry event. An editor from one of the industry trade publications is there with a videographer hoping to interview a handful of CFP professionals. He invites you to answer a few questions about something you know fairly well – on camera (gulp). He gives you the option of coming …show more content…

You know this stuff, flat. Go walk around the block, think about the questions, put on some lipstick, and stop thinking only of yourself.”
Trust me, it gets easier the more you do it – and do it you must. Today’s digital world demands that we all embrace new forms of digital media, and video has been shown in studies to be shared twelve times more often on social media than simple text and links alone. Social media and the ability for everyday people to shoot low-cost videos has changed the playing field. Journalists and professional organizations are asking advisors to do webcam video interviews more and more. Bottom line: you need to master some basic camera skills and be ready to say yes when presented with the next opportunity.
Whenever a video camera is turned on, people tend to do one of two things: they either light up or they clam-up. With today’s success of video marketing and the plethora of opportunities to get your message out by being interviewed, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure a more comfortable experience.
1. RELAX – Take a deep breath and remember that the interviewer is on your side and wants to assist you in getting your message out to the specified audience.
2. SMILE – Non-verbal cues assist a viewer in determining how they feel about what you are saying, so a natural smile will add a positive impression to your message.
3. BE NATURAL – Don’t let a piece of equipment change your personality or how you act on

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