Essay On White America

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Dear Son, I want you to understand this country was built for you not to achieve in life, but you will surpass the limitations society has placed on you. I never want to hear you crying saying “the system is broken” because it’s not broken it was built this way. You will not fall succumb to the stereotypes that White America has proceived black Americans to be, especially young black American men. I know it’s going to be things you don’t understand, and things you go through that’s unjust, but always remember adversity builds character. I will teach you everything I can about surviving and thriving in this world. Somethings you will learn on your own from your on experences and hopefully you learn from my mistakes. Rule number one, to surviving and thriving in this world is to beat them at their own game. You have to work ten times harder than them to get where they are at and…show more content…
The connections you make in your life with people will be exceptionally important, because a lot of times it’s not about what you know it’s who you know. When you step into that office, class room, or Wall Street office you better not conduct your self the same way you’d conduct your self if you were out with your friends. You dress and act the part, but never forget where you came from and what your ancestors been through to get you here. Also, be careful on your surroundings. Be mindful for the things you say and do when you’re in public, because White America will be quick to take your actions in the wrong way and punish or even take your life for it son. White America portrays themselves to not understand our culture, but is constantly trying to be like us, and take things from our culture. They’re afraid of what you are, and what you’re destined to be, a powerful successful black man like your great ancestors were before their lives were stolen from
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