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|| Volume 2 ||Issue 4 || 2017 ISSN (Online) 2456-3293 COMPARISON OF MICROSTRIP BAND PASS AND BAND REJECT FILTER DGS TECHNIQUE BASED IN GSM BAND (1850MHZ) Richa Chaturvedi11, Dr. Laxmi Shrivastava2 Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Madhav institute of technology and science, Gwalior1 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Abstract: In microwave communication filters are more essential high frequency component. To improve the insertion loss the DGS technique is used. DGS i.e, (defected ground structure) is a technique where cuts are drawn on ground to improve the results and reduce the size of filters. …show more content…

The filters using DGS technique has an attractive feature, which are- 1) As compared to the conventional low pass filters, the stop band is very wide and deeper. 2) It has a very simple structure and cost is very low 3) The losses will be reduced 4) Easy to fabricate [5] II DESIGN 2.1 Design of Hairpin band pass filter-In the band pass filter by without DGS the dimension of the filters are having 4cm×3cm.The insertion loss of this filter is -25.1850 dB, which will be improved in DGS technique Figure 1 Hairpin band pass filter Figure 2 Insertion loss of band pass filter WWW.OAIJSE.COM 8 || Volume 2 ||Issue 4 || 2017 ISSN (Online) 2456-3293 OPEN ACCESS INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENCE &ENGINEERING In this figure the simulated insertion loss of band pass filter without DGS is shown i.e., --28.197 dB. N g1 g2 g3 g4 g5 g6 1 0.3052 1.0 2 0.8431 0.6220 1.3554 3 1.0315 1.1474 1.0315 1.0 4 1.1088 1.3062 1.7704 0.8181 1.3554 5 1.1468 1.3712 1.9750 1.3712 1.1468 1.0 2.2 Design of Band Pass filter with DGS Technique (Hexagonal ring shape) Where FL=lower frequency, FH=Higher frequency, FC=cut off frequency.[6] M12=M45=0.3538 M23=M34=0.205 Qe1=Qe5=2.0625 By varying the spacing between the resonators, the coupling coefficient can be varied, by using the formula, K= (f22-f12) / (f22+f12) Where f1

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