Essay On World War 1 Remembering The War

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“World War 1: Remembering The War To End All Wars”
Blood was the thing that disgusted me the most. Seeing all of those wounded soldiers. Not once did I find my husband. I found this settling and unsettling. I knew that my John was not hurt, but if he were, he was not at the place I was in. This was also unsettling because I never knew if John was missing in action or if he were dead. Well, obviously I would have been notified if he were dead, but perhaps the letter was lost or someone simply forgot.
Now I am on my way back to America. This has been the longest ship ride in my life. Oh no. Here come military personnel with a letter. Please no! God no! I burst into tears as soon as the messengers stopped in front of me.
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Apparently they don’t understand that war also changes a woman. The twenties are fast approaching and more and more people are going on strikes. I guess men just can’t get over the fact that women are working now. Us women are being looked down upon due to the belief that all a woman should want to do is cook, clean, and take care of the kids.
What is known as the Red Scare is now happening. I never and will never understand why people look down upon people who aren't exactly like them. I never saw anything wrong with a black man or woman. You would think that because of these people being slaves and doing everything you didn’t want to, you would treat them with a little respect. Although, I don’t see making someone else do all of your work is even close to respect. I tried to talk sense into some people but that resulted in me getting slapped because “No white man or woman should say or think those awful things.”
I had to get these thoughts out of my mind. I tried different things but I never resorted to drugs or alcohol. Not until today. Due to prohibition, speakeasies opened and there was a massive rise in violence. I believe that this rise in violence was due to people getting drunk and eventually getting into fights. I am dressed in my most showiest cloths so that I can blend in with other people. I sewed my own cloths. A short dress with heels. I figured this could do. I teased my hair and wore dark red lipstick and as much

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