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I was a 17 year old, simple guy with a body neither strong or fast just your average with normal problems an normal School life , but a natural event change everything an when I mean natural it means that was cause by the burst of a black hole that take the Lives of all in earth but the strangest thing is it doesn't go to heaven nor hell, even reincarnation dint haven also there wasn't a soul only the consciousness stay.

At first I didn't think too much about this or stay depressed because the world explode you can tell that this world was beautiful but our self always wake things more complicated.

wars, rape, kills revenge, etc....was thank to us, and if you are thinking that I am religious, I am not.

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while Gabriel was wrecking his brains Samuel was butting effort in his divine senses because he has sense a shred of energy that wasn't from them.

(I think that they know now about this situation, because it seems that they are observing us but they are more far away from us)Samuel said to Gabriel while looking to the endless void of space like he was seeing a painting white a precision that would make everyone thing in their mind "ARE THOSE THE EYES OF AN ANGEL?!!!!!!".

("sigh".......then so there is no remedy )said while putting his finger in his in the of his forehead while trying to relax himself from what is going to come.

while Gabriel was trying to relax while cursing to does mortal soul for being so weak, Samuel but his hand in one of the shoulders of Gabriel while saying to Gabriel.

(Go?)said Samuel with a complicated face .

(yep)said Gabriel without turning his face back.

At the same time they finish, a light that would make everyone on blind by seeing this envelope them and like they were never there vanish. at the same time the other party of scout from the demons vanish as well but this time instead of an intense light they were swallow by a portal that was so dark that would make the voids darkness see as a

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