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Progress is widely accepted as excellent. We strive to progress in all aspects of our lives in an attempt to flourish as people. As we look back at history, our quality of life appears to increase over time. We are moving towards equality in America, where just a couple hundred years ago we were enslaving our fellow countrymen. Advances in modern medicine have extended the lifespan to double and triple what used to be expected. Now, due to an exponentiating population, scientists have developed GMOs or genetically modified organisms in an attempt to feed the hungry population. While some laud these foods as the key to our future, others have not received these new foods with open arms. Protesters and activists have sought halt the …show more content…

Genetic engineering is not a new action for mankind, only the way that we are going about genetic engineering is relatively new. We have established and clarified the meaning of this technical language, but why do we go through all the trouble of genetically altering organisms? The Food of the Future GMOs can be made to do amazing things. By changing the genetics of our crops, we are able to reap huge advantages benefits. A well known example of this is Golden Rice. Golden Rice is a genetically engineered strain of rice which contains a high dose of vitamin A (110 Nobel). Vitamin A is essential for us to maintain our health and is found in many foods like carrots. However, many developing countries do not have access to food containing vitamin A. Golden Rice was developed to stop their deficiency of the vitamin (110 Nobel). GMOs can also have benefits besides extra nutritional value. In 2014, the USDA approved a genetically modified strain of potato that produces less carcinogenic amino acid when fried than normal potatoes (Robinson). Furthermore, due to the strain’s bruise resistance, they “result in higher yields for growers due to less waste”(Robinson). The ability to create a higher yield is invaluable due to the expansionary trends of our population and the worsening climate of our planet. Genetic engineering can create “crops that can survive dry climates”(Potenza) which is extremely

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