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The day was 11/10/1918. I was heading home from the war, and I was more tired than I ever thought a man could be. It was the last few days of the war, and we knew that Germany couldn’t fight much longer so we took lots of troops back home. We were a few hours away from shore, and I couldn’t wait to see my children. I wondered how big they might have gotten. They were only three years old when I left, and it has been two years. I also wondered how much they wanted to see me, or if they even remembered me. I thought that they had to remember who I was. They were three, they could remember things like that. I was In my room and I was talking to my roommate trying to pass the time. We had been sleeping in the same room for a couple of days, …show more content…

I was so anxious that I wanted to get off the boat before it docked. I was searching for my family. I thought that there was no chance that I was going to find them. It took what seemed like hours for the boat to dock. I think everyone on that ship was very excited to go home. I was one of the last to get off of the ship. My thinking was that if all of the people would get off the boat, there would be less people, and it would be easy to find who I was looking for. I stayed on there for at least thirty extra minutes. Many other men had the same idea, and there were at least one hundred other men still on the boat when I left. When I got off I thought that nobody left. It looked like more people joined. After searching for a while I heard my name get called out. I looked, and there was my wife and my five year old kids. I was so excited that I ran to them. I was about to collapse when I got there because I was so tired. We didn’t leave the dock for an hour. We had to wait for tons of people to leave so we could actually move. When we got into the car I fell asleep. I got woken up and I was at my house. I was so excited to be home that I ran into the house, and took a shower. It was the first shower I’ve had in a long time. After the shower, I went to bed. I woke up the next morning at 10:37. I was getting ready, and I had the radio on. 23 minutes later I heard that the war had

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