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Have you ever been stuck between traveling the world or going to school, but not really sure where to star? Maybe you want to swim with dolphins in Dubi, snorkel with sting rays in the Bahamas or even eat exotic food like lion meat in South Africa. Luckily enough here at Iowa State there's a great program to be able to do both! In this program, the importance of following the practical guidelines is during this time the program is delegated to be responsible for an authority to develop and commensurate. The Iowa State campus Study Abroad Association stuff says in other words that they have time to examine and create a plan for everyone by making critical decisions. According to the Iowa State home page it states “Ames, Iowa, may seem …show more content…

Research has shown that students who study abroad graduate within four years at a higher rate than students who stay on campus for their full degree program. Studying abroad helps you define your goals and focuses your attention. It’s also a great career boost, as employers are looking for recent grads who have leadership skills and experience working with people from other cultures (Study Abroad Center ). There are many opportunities for studying abroad for many types of majors and even for those undecided at the beginning of their college career. For example if you are looking into College of Design let’s say, They state that “ College of Design International Programs provide personal, academic and professional benefits that will extend far beyond your last day abroad. Studying abroad will help you to become more independent and flexible, to develop problem-solving and leadership skills, to increase your creativity and confidence, and to handle stressful situations better Depending on the program you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to study with College of Design faculty members and/or distinguished local lecturers. You can fulfill the degree requirements while seeing the world. Museums, galleries, buildings, outdoor spaces and monuments abroad will become your classroom as you explore first-hand what you’ve been learning about in textbooks here in Ames. Just in this simple major has three unique opportunities to

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