Essay: The Right To Bear Arms

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and liberties are in jeopardy. There are threats that come from all around whether it be local or worldwide it should be our right to bear arms against terrors that we might encounter. The military defends us against worldly terrors, however if the military and other defense forces were the only ones who had the right to bear arms what kind of protection will that leave? There is not enough cops in the United States to protect every individual from the crime that happens in their city. For example, if guns are to restricted to the point of being banned safety would become a concern. Cops can only be in so many places at once, when people do not have the opportunity to protect themselves the criminals will see these as opportune targets. “In Connecticut (1643) and at least five other colonies, required "at least one adult man in every house to carry a gun to church or other public meetings" in order to protect against attacks by Native Americans; prevent theft of firearms from unattended homes” (Procons …show more content…

When the cops do arrive and the burglars are still in the home the individual are left defenseless without any weapon when a criminal has weapons and only the law enforcement creating hostage situations. Creating restrictions should be the goal however not to the point where guns cannot be used for self-defense. According to “Several colonies' gun laws required that heads of households (including women) own guns and that all able-bodied men enroll in the militia and carry personal firearms”. This was to ensure that the men and women could defend their homes and their country when a foreign invasion happens. They were meant to be their own militia against the invasion of their homes and neighborhood. During the Revolutionary era they were allowed to own guns to defend what was theirs, during this era the same right should be bestowed upon this

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