Essay on Globalization

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Globalisation is a multi-dimensional manifestations, a process of interaction and integration within the world, and is a highly discussed and contested topic in today’s context. Globalization includes aspects like: economics, politics, ideas, knowledge, culture, society, environment, health, social etcetera. Though globalization can be traced back into time immemorial, but the extent and magnitude of present globalization is unprecedented. The integration and interdependence of globalization implies that today local event can have global impact and vice-versa. With the ongoing globalization process, it raises concerns about international security. Academic debate of whether globalization is bringing more security and stability or it is creating more security concern, is on. Globalization in one hand offers possibility of economic development, stability, political liberty and peace but it on the other hand raises precarious vulnerabilities and thus offering violence and instability. The international relation theorists are also divided on the issue of impact of globalization. Realism and Neomarxism offer negative view about the effect of globalization on security. On the contrary, Neoliberals and Constructivists treat globalization as a positive contributor to the security and stability. Globalization being a vast topic with multidimensional impact on international security is difficult to accommodate within this essay. Therefore this essay will highlight economic
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