Essay on Roles of Hrd in Organisation

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ABBREVIATION LIST CD : Career Development HR : Human Resource HRD : Human Resource Development HRM : Human Resource Management ID : Individual Development OD : Organizational Development SHRD : Strategic Human Resource Development T&D : Training and Development An organization’s HRs are perhaps its most valuable assets (Swanson & Holton, 2001; Yorks, 2005). As such, HRD should be deemed as an invaluable investment (Swanson & Holton, 2001; Yorks, 2005). Sustaining a competitive advantage via development of staff increases the probability of long-term survival and financial success of the organization (Kuratko, Ireland, & Hornsby, 2001). Carneiro (2001) argues that an organization should have the capacity to …show more content…

HRD can be at the individual, team, managerial or organizational levels. Garavan suggests four levels of context in which HRD can play a strategic role via considering them. (Thomas N. Garavan, 2007) (See Appendix B). Today context for SHRD is quite complex and challenging. Let’s look at how HRD can play a strategic role via different approaches. HRD has been investigated from different perspectives, including the examination of dominant paradigms, roles and status of HRD and as well as the link between business strategy and HRD (Auluck 2006, Auluck 2007, Garavan, Gunnigle et al. 2000, Gibb 2003, Sambrook 2004, Senge 1994, Simmonds and Pedersen 2006, Sloman and Philpott 2006, Smith 2004). | |HRD is based on three broad areas of organizational theory, economics and psychology (Sambrook 2004). | | |According to Garavan et al. (1999), psychological perspective promotes motivation, learning and ownership | | |issues. At the same time, organizational theory focuses on organizational learning processes and change. | | |It also deals with the establishment of a learning organization. The economic dimension

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