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Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Review - Otto
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is one of the only romance movies that i actually find entertaining. The movie has believable characters with real emotions and problems. Joel is an antisocial person that seems to usually try to avoid people, He has trust issues and he isn't the generic knight in shining armor protagonist that you see in so many romance movies to day. The way the camera angles usually feel fitting, you can tell they had a great cinematographer. There is also a lot of imagery in the movie because for most of the movie he is unconscious going through his memories which gives the movie a lot to play with in terms of imagery because you are in his mind. Throughout the film Clementines hair colour changes according to the time in the story to show continuity and her emotions. When her hair was red she seemed to be more of an angry person but there were also good scenes with the red hair, representing anger and love. Than later in the movie when it shows how they met you can notice that her hair is green and she seems to be more of a calm, explorer type person. This is shown in the film when they go exploring and find the house. And finally her blue hair which i like to think through the film represents the sadness and emptiness in her life without joel even with patrick(who uses joels techniques with her because he had heard everything about the two). Along with the way they do the memory sequences it's

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