Ethical Analysis : Case Study Family Night Essay

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Module 3 Assignment: Ethical Analysis: Case Study Family Night The case study facts in Step 1 of the Ethical Reasoning Model (Hux, 2016) that need to addressed are the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why. The “Who” are the following people: Tommy Patterson, current third grade student at Tablerock Elementary School, Mary Patterson, Tommy Patterson’s mother, Charlie, an acquaintance of Tommy Patterson’s, Charlie’s daddy, Tommy Patterson acquaintance’s father, parents of five of Tommy Patterson’s classmates, Six more sets of concerned parents, Timmy, a student at Tablerock Elementary School, Timmy’s parents, the editor of the Thomasville Herald newspaper, district personnel, the district board of education, the faculty of Tablerock Elementary, and me, the principal of Tablerock Elementary School. The “What” is that an elementary student’s parents are involved in an interracial homosexual relationship. Tommy Patterson’s parents and six other sets of parents met at the Patterson’s business and made a plan to stop an annual Fall event called Family Night held at Tablerock Elementary School. The plan was to talk to the school district personnel, write a letter to the local newspaper editor, and attend the district board of education meeting to discuss the issue. Teachers met the next week to write a response letter, but a consensus could not be reached and a letter was not drafted. The “When” was in the Fall of the year on the Wednesday of the week prior to “Family Night”.
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