Ethical Communication At A Retail Banking Call Center Sales Position

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Ethical Communication in a Retail Banking Call Center Sales Position
Jacklyn Martin

Currently many banks are viewed as being sales driven and sometimes forget about providing quality customer service. Because of this many customers are looking to do their everyday banking transactions through electronic options instead of the traditional face to face interactions. This change in business is alerting banking institutions that they should utilize call center salespersons more. Call centers are said to increase in the next few years. This shift helps to ensure the employees are using ethics in current practices. A good way to make sure the salespersons are using ethical behaviors is to record all calls inbound and …show more content…

It is further revealed that most individuals have a mixture of both customer and sales orientated behaviors (Hansen, 2016). The latter is one of the reasons it makes sense for retail banks to shift to call centers.
If the customer feels trust that they are being treating ethically than it is easier to build a long-term relationship with them (Bateman, 2015). Not only does providing quality customer service help to retain existing customers for longer periods of time, but it improves the company’s image as well. The customer’s perception of how they were treated by a salesperson is related to the way they view the company. Successful call centers can build relationships with customers while helping to keep the brand image positive (Blignaut, 2014).
A positive image can be achieved by a bank’s decision to perform ethically to provide the best service to customers. For banks to successfully achieve the change to ethical behavior, they must incorporate a more responsible attitude when lending. The focus has shifted from how to fix a problem to how to stop the problem from occurring in the first place (Paulet, 2015).
Another skill that is important for a call center salesperson to have is ability to use the right emotions while providing quality customer service (Blignaut, 2014). A sales individual

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