Ethical Consideration Paper

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Ethical Considerations

When performing research, maintaining and adhering to ethical standards is critical, and needs consideration throughout the entire research process. With this study, ethical concerns may arise from various steps in the process. For example, do the participants fully and completely understand the intent of the survey? Do the questions harm or offend the participants in any way? What were the conditions of the interviews? Will the interviews take place in a safe environment? Will the participants feel their identities will remain anonymous? Moreover, as the research process continues, the presentation of results needs examination. As such, when dealing with a particular business, I must be mindful of project sponsorship.
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If there is no response, it will be a decline to participate.
Informed consent. All participants will receive disclosure of the study’s purpose and participation requirements, the right to anonymity, the right to refuse to participate and the right to withdraw from the study at any time. With that said, each participant of the study will receive an invitation to participate. In this invitation letter, outlining the requirements of the study including the amount of time needed to complete the requirements of the study, their right to decline participation, or their rights to voluntary withdraw from the study without providing an explanation and without any repercussions. Moreover, stated assurances will include that names are not used, the data that is collected will have identifications removed, and lastly, there will be no personal details, which could be used to identify them in anyway. The informed consent letter will meet the APA's Ethics Code (2003), which mandates that psychologists that are conducting research must inform the participants of the study the
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