Ethical Decision Making Essay

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Ethical decisions are ones that everybody makes everyday either knowing it or not. Ethical decisions are not ones that are right or wrong but ones that take deep thought about them to make that decision. I myself had a situation in which I had to make an ethical decision. My situation was that my best friend Eddie got a sexually transmitted disease that is harming him and he asks me not to tell his girlfriend Amber about it or his family about it. Eddie got chlamydia and herpes from messing around with another girl but does not want amber to know because he know she will break up with him if she finds out. Eddie also believes that his fellow friends with act a certain way after find out that Eddie got chlamydia and herpes from another girl …show more content…

John Stuart Mill ethical views are that you make the choice for the greater good for the greatest number of people. In my situation, Mill would feel that I made a non-ethical decision about the situation. In the situation, the only person that benefited from it was Eddie. This is because he was treated for his disease and act normal as if nothing happening. I myself did not benefit from the situation just like Amber and our friends that we hangout with everyday. Mills would say that if I told Amber, our friends and Eddie family. This is because more people were able to benefit from the whole situation. It was not ethical by letting just one-person benefit from the whole situation but since more then more person benefited it was ethical. I should have taught about the benefit for the greater people that are involved in the situation or would be affected by the situation. Immanuel Kant has a different philosophy on wither something is ethical or not. One philosophy that Kant has is the categorical imperative. The categorical imperative means that you act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law. In laminas terms it means for it to be ethical it must apply to everybody at all times to all situations like it. Kant would say that it was ethical for me not to say anything because I was able to keep the trust of Eddie. This is important to Kant because

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