Ethical Dilemm Ethics And Behavior Essay

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Ethical Dilemma’s in The Work Place
Companies place a high amount of importance on the ethics and behavior in the workplace. Most companies specify behavior requirements when hiring employees and provide guidelines of appropriate conduct pertaining to internal policies. When it comes to moral behavior in the workplace there is always a chance of making a decision for personal gain over ethical integrity. A key component to workplace ethics is integrity, honesty and doing the right thing at all times. In this case study, April is faced with a moral dilemma. She must decide if she will be honest with the owners of the firm she works for and her coworker or be dishonest for financial gain, which she is in dire need of. The following paragraphs will discuss April’s dilemma in more detail, employee’s roles and responsibilities in ethical situations and organization’s role and responsibility in ensuring ethical practices in the workplace.
April’s Ethical Dilemma
April is an employee at a small ad agency who is looking to acquire bigger clients. April’s boss asked her and her coworker Jordan to work on a presentation to bid for a large government contract. Unfortunately, April has not been available to help with this assignment due to a sick child, which in turn left Jordan with most, if not all, of the responsibility. Though Jordan pulled together all of the information and created the presentation, April has better speaking skills so they agreed she would give the presentation
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