Ethical Dilemma And Ethical Dilemmas Essay

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Dilemmas are something individuals deal with daily, in our society. What is the difference between an ethical dilemma, and an ethical issue? Essentially an ethical dilemma, is a situation individuals faces, where the course of action, or decision, which is to come, is challenging to make, due to the potential consequences involved with making that decision (Pollock, 2015). An ethical issue, revolves around difficult social questions, which regard what is the right or wrong thing to do (Pollock, 2015). This paper will outline an ethical dilemma I, personally have endured in my life. A discussion regarding a personal, ethical dilemma, requires a discussion on the situation, types of responses, actions, influential factors, and current response surrounding the ethical dilemma. Situation I was working for a construction supply delivery company. As the truck driver, I was responsible for the crew I had working with me at every job we attended. One of the individuals on my crew was a friend of mine. We were delivering material at the Calgary International Airport, and due to the nature of the delivery, the protocols were very strict. Duly in part to the fact, the site was a federal site, so the consequences to any action, which violated the policies and procedures was very impactful for the individual, and the company we represented. We were on an outrigger, or elevated platform, which was approximately 150 feet in the air. According to, safety regulation, any individual
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