Ethical Implications of Abortion

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Abortion has and continues to be a controversial topic. Most would argue that every woman should have the right to terminate a pregnancy for whatever reason, because her body and the fetus are one entity. Since termination of a pregnancy or abortion is the status quo within society, most would agree with this consensus. I, however, without properly acknowledging the rights of all the parties involved with abortion (the fetus and father), I do not believe it should be used so freely within society.
Since the historic case of Roe v. Wade in 1973, abortion has been the accepted standard within society. With this historic judgment, women within this country are legally able to obtain an abortion up to a certain point during their pregnancy.
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Pro- choice activists believe that women should have the right to chose whether to carry out a pregnacy because their body is one with the fetus and they should be able to choose whether to keep or terminate a pregnancy. The main issue of debate is whether or not an embryo is considered a person and if that embryo should have any right and I believe that they should.
“Although Fetuses have never been given any recognition whatever as bureau of persons. It has never been counted as a member of the population. Legally is can not own, bequeath, or inherit property. It can not be sued, married, or adopted. It has no legal relationships and therefore can not be considered a person” (Kissling, 2004, p.1). However, dramatic scientific breakthroughs in medical technology have revolutionized physician’s ablities regarding fetuses which may enable a fetus to be considered a person (Lenow, 2007, p.1). Medical advances allow for surgery to be performed in utero, with these advances, new legal implications arise. “If the fetus can be treated, then should it be considered a patient separate from its mother? If so does it possess all the rights of the post-birth patients?” (Lenow, 2007, p. 2). As a society it seems that we do not consider a fetus to be a person until it is viable. “Viablilty is a concepty widely used to identify a reasonable potential for subsequent survival if the fetus were to be removed
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