Ethical Issues And Codes Of Ethics

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The National Association of Social Workers has a Code of Ethics that every social worker should keep in mind when working with clients. The Code of Ethics is a set of written principles that discuss important conduct and behavior that is created by the organization to serve as a guide for the social work profession. The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to allow those in the profession to conduct themselves ethically and to engage in ethical decision making. Behaving ethically can be a struggle for many people and the decisions on what may be the right choice of action could be completely different for someone else. Social workers face ethical dilemmas on a daily basis and the choice is ours on what we feel can be right and wrong. For this paper, I will be discussing the ethical concerns of the Jones case. I will be including the ethical issues, certain Codes/Laws/SOP, the core values in the profession, and the strategies I will use to practice ethical standards in the profession.
Ethical Issues and Codes/Laws/SOP Susan had worked for child protective services in a rural county for approximately seven years. Off and on during that time she had worked with the Jones family as an ongoing worker. After reviewing the Jones case, and how Susan has handled the relationship between herself and the family, I have found multiple ethical issues and dilemmas that could be addressed and I will be discussing five of these issues. These are; Susan was Facebook

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