Ethical Issues, Board Members, Vision And Mission Of Ericsson Company

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This article will examine the corporate governance principles like ethical issues, board members, vision

& mission of Ericsson company.

Vision and Mission of Ericsson

Corporate governance is the key element of how a company make its decision-making and distribute the

responsibilities among internal bodies in the frame of laws, audits, internal processes and rules. Also it

maps the relation between internal and external systems in the company.

Ericsson’s vision is “Networked Society” where every individual in every industry should be supported till

to reach their full potential. The motto of the company in this vision is “In a connected world, everything

is possible”.

Companies mission is being the leader in transformation
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Since it is a Swedish oriented global company, it is managed by both external and internal regulations.

External rules are dominantly include economical or cultural law-based side of the company like

NASDAQ issuer rulebook, Swedish corporate governance code, NASDAQ Stock Market rules including

New York corporate governance requirements, US Securities and Exchange Commission requirements.

Internal rules are for ensuring the integrity of legal and regulatory requirements and standards which

are serving to Ericsson’s strategy, vision and mission. Code of business ethics, code of conduct, group

policies, business process approval instructions, control and risk management documents are some of

these internal rules. Internal rules are important for ensuring that the business is performed with


Ericsson also has rules and regulations regarding conflicts of interest. Directors are disqualified from

participating in any decision regarding agreements between themselves and Ericsson. The same applies

to agreements between Ericsson and any third-party or legal entity in which the Board member has
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