Ethical Issues and Decision a Making in a Healthcare Facility: Honesty and Comptetence

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Ethical issues and decision

As a project manager, the most important rule I have to obey is to be honest.

Obviously, I will not go with the dishonest suggestion provided by my team member. If we send a ‘demo version’ to the client, I strongly believe that the hospital will apply the prognostic system to their patients even after our warnings. Basically, I need to consider our company’s reputation. If the ‘demo system’ used by mental health care services and it causes accidents, such as misinput of patients’ records, miscalculation of drug dosage. All of these results will damage our reliability, especially when they happen in hospital, where involve taking life of a human being.

Imaging on of the patients is our relative, I suspect that none of us will apply the system for the ‘go alive’ schedule, but prefer the high quality to guarantee the smooth operation which ensures the safety of patients.

I refuse to send the defective version to the mental health care services, not only because of our reputation and ethics towards patients, but also the responsibility we have to take if some serious results appear. Our company may have to face lawsuit and punished according to the contract. Also, it may pose threat to my future career.

Generally, the only benefit brought by the ‘demo version’ is the punctual delivery, while many potential risks accompany with it. Therefore, after deliberateness, I will not accept the suggestion give by my team member, and consider to use other
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