Ethical Issues In Healthcare Administration Research Paper

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As a Healthcare administrator there are many different challenges to be faced. Being the backbone of any company in general is a hard but rewarding task. On a day-to-day basis healthcare administrators have to deal with the bulk of the problems wherever they work. The people in these positions deal with things ranging from unethical doctors, to hiring and firing the janitor. The topic this paper is going to focus on is the type of issues healthcare administrators deal with when going through the process of employment for their doctors.

What happens when the doctors aren’t being credentialed as often as they should be? When patients come into any healthcare facility they expect a certain level of professionalism. Patients expect to be taken …show more content…

Let’s talk credentialing

Credentialing at many companies includes (but is not limited to) the following: 1. Gathering information about a doctor’s background and qualifications through a formal application process.

* Checking the background information

* Checking the information against reliable sources, including the National Practitioner Data Bank and the American Board of Medical Specialties

2. Contacting:

* Any state where the doctor reports an active medical license and sees our members Schools and hospital programs, to be sure the doctor’s training is complete and accepted by the specialty board

* The National Technical Information Service, Drug Enforcement Agency or Controlled Substance Registration, as confirmation that the doctor is authorized to write prescriptions

* Medicare/Medicaid, to be sure the doctor is not banned from caring for Medicare/Medicaid patients

3. Reviewing the doctor’s:

* Personal history, to determine if any disciplinary actions have been taken

* Malpractice insurance, to confirm active …show more content…

The reason being not only that the credentialing process takes time but that the company is understaffed in that department. The first thing that the company needs to do is reevaluate their need for more staff. The company may not want to spend the money it will take to pay an employee a specific salary, but is it worth it to save that money but lose over a 100k in unpaid bills? That is something the company needs to think about because they are either losing or spending money either way. The amount of money that’s being written off would be significantly lowered if not completely eliminated. The amount of money that will be made from hiring new staff will far outweigh any salary costs the company is worried about.

Risks of understaffing

* Scrap and Re-work - When organizations attempt to force more work through already constrained production processes, attention to detail tends to suffer. As a result, error rates typically rise.

* Late Deliveries and Failure to Complete Projects on Time - Staff shortages affect production capabilities, which impairs your ability to meet production and project schedules.

* Increased Stress - As employees are stretched to meet job requirements, their stress levels rise and they become incapable of maximizing their performance.

* Customer Dissatisfaction - Delivery and quality problems invariably result in decreased customer satisfaction, which may be compounded by poor service

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