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Ethical Lens Inventory Reflection My personal ethical lens is “Rights-responsibility and results lens.” The ethics game defines this lens as “I balance rationality and my intuition to decide how to complete tasks for the best of an individual.” Ethical lens report The results of the Ethical Lens Inventory (ELI) state my strengths as making choices for the greater good of everyone involved. I make it priority that each person’s rights are protected to assure everyone in the community is treated fairly. My opinion of ethical behavior is a person who does their job and does the right this as an individual. Meaning by making the right choice as an individual you can make several people happy at one time. When…show more content…
I am always the one helping everyone in a troubled situation. I hold myself accountable even when others do not. According to the ELI my classic values are temperance and prudence. “I value balance and restraint in the desire for pleasure. I offer wisdom in areas I am knowledgeable and foresight as I am enlightened. I bring optimism, imagination, and entrepreneurship to the table.” I feel that this does describe me. I try to always keep an open mind. I love taking in new and fresh idea and strive for success in everything I do. My behaviors are described as following the rules individually while keeping others in mind also. I do what is expected and defined as right. I also try to keep others feelings in consideration so not to cause upset. I found this a bit contradictory to my weaknesses defined above. The ELI has made me aware of a few things that could potentially become serious issues if not focused on. It stated my vice was judgmental or greedy. If this were to show itself I could potentially seriously hurt a person’s feelings. I did not notice that for some individuals I hold extremely high expectations until review the results of the ELI. I have now become aware of this and trying to keep my expectations at a reasonable level. I also have to keep in mind that just because my way does work, someone else can reach the same result I do even if they do not do it my way. The ELI influences critical thinking

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