Ethical, Moral And Moral Theory

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The ethical reflections taught in this course, have generated awareness in to our own ethical reasoning allowing us to focus morality on our own lives. The ethical pluralism that is referred to by the title of our text helps to examine the various aspects of our own ethical moral theory. Ethical moral theory dominates our lives on a daily basis. Determining actions we consider being right or wrong depending on the availability of the situation. But, as situations vary, so does the reasoning behind activities. Although each individual has his/her own mindset and beliefs, the ethical moral standards which create the baseline of our own morality, differs with our individual teachings.
The pluralistic approach conveyed through Hinman’s text, describes various viewpoints of moral theory. Although these theories change with the dependence of the individual, there are basic principles that are accompanied by all. Many of these behaviors, although innocent at times, may have lasting effects on the moral righteousness in our culture. In culture, there are regular questions focusing the topic of judgement with ethical relativism, as discussed in Hinman’s text.
Judgement according to the Webster’s Dictionary is “the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.” For the application of our own reflection, this definition will work. The theory of ethical relativism illustrates judgement of our own ethical or moral values may be judged by others who differ in

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