Ethics And The Practice Of Law With Being An Attorney

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There is a certain level of ethics in relation to the practice of law with being an attorney. While I was a freshman in college, a professor who is also a former detective was testifying in a murder trial of a 13 year-old-girl. I decided I would attend the trial because I was curious of what it would be like and it was also open to the public. I saw both counsels arguing passionately – each seemingly convinced of the rectitude of his own arguments and in the outrageousness of the other’s positions. Perhaps naïvely, my first reaction was to question the defendant 's attorney. How could he represent an individual he must have known to be guilty of murder? How could he consciously endeavor to deprive the victim 's family of the truth? Even then, I understood that the law requires that every individual, irrespective of circumstance, be entitled to proper representation and that such a commitment is necessary to ensure liberty and due process of law. Nonetheless, I had my reservations. A careful analysis of the relationship between ethics and the law provided me some clarity. Defense attorneys and prosecutors are often viewed as unethical but there is a certain level of ethics that comes with being an attorney that is to be followed in which most do not seem to be aware of and rather they label them as crooks. As a defense attorney, you must understand that you will be faced with the possibility of defending someone who could be guilty of a crime, but your job is to be neutral

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