Alfa Star Towing Mission Statement

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Final Strategic Plan
Business Overview Alfa Star Towing offers services in roadside assistance, towing, and vehicle storage solutions. The company services the greater Puget Sound area from Seattle to Tacoma to Black Diamond. Alfa Star Towing is a Seattle, WA certified Registered Tow Truck Operator (RTTO) Company, signifying that we are governed by the WA State Legislature to have fair prices and that we are held accountable for our actions (Washington State Department of Licensing, 2013).
Mission Statement Alfa Star Towing’s mission is to be the number one provider in South King County for towing and roadside services within our industry. Our first priority is to provide the highest possible level of customer service and reliability …show more content…

Also, treat all employees, customers, and business partners fairly.
• Provide superior, reliable, and dependable service at a fair price.
• Strive to be profitable and sustainable in the long term.
• Strive for excellence, operate with integrity, and have a system of accountability.
• Provide an unwavering commitment to excellence, high ethical standards, and a reputation for hard work, honesty, and fairness in everything we do.
• Be transparent, and encourage criticism, accountability, and feedback from employees, customers, and the local community.
• Be committed to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way.
How the Mission, Vision, and Values Will Guide the Company’s Strategic Direction Alfa Star Towing’s values guide the company’s pursuit of its vision. The company values relate to things such as integrity, fairness, ethics, teamwork, innovativeness, customer service, quality, community citizenship, and social responsibility. Alfa Star Towing’s values are closely associated to and reinforce its operating practices, vision, and strategy. The stated values or the officially adopted value statement of the company directly connects to its vision and reflects the beliefs and principles that it wants to uphold. To ensure that the mission, vision, and values of the company are in alignment with how they do business, the company must implement a compelling mission, clear-cut vision, and comprehensive values. The company’s mission,

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