Ethics, Risk Management, And Compliance Section Of The Organization

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GRC is a broad term that covers the Governance, risk management, and compliance section of the organization. It is a new term, as its sub categories, Governance, Risk management and compliance are relatively new in the Business Field. Governance, It is difficult to give out the exact definition of Governance, risk Management and Compliance (GRC), because the definition of GRC varies from one business to another. Given that GRC carries a different definition from one firm to another so it is generally acts in a ay that satisfies guidelines for each category. Governance, risk management and compliance is not a single approach, but they are combined together to achieve high standards in all three categories.
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The vision of compliance is that the strategic Vision of compliance should be expressed and set by the board of directors in official terms and used as a reference. The role of compliance is to take to appropriate measure towards any compliance risk to which the business is exposed to. This exposure can be nonetheless designing and supporting the regulatory risk framework for the organization. Compliance also supports and challenges a company’s line management regarding identification and measurements and the completeness and precision of compliance risk management activities.

Bechtel is known to be one of the finest and globally acclaimed engineering, construction and project management companies and it has laid foundation of innovation within the industry. In United States, Bechtel is known to be the largest engineering and Construction firm and it is placed fourth largest privately owned company in the United States of America. Bechtel’s main headquarters in the United States is located in San Francisco, California. Whereas Bechtel’s global operational headquarters plus United States civil infrastructure units and United States Government Services headquarters are located in Reston, Virginia. Furthermore, Bechtel’s Oil , Gas and chemical units is located in Houston, Texas. Bechtel has completed a large amount of extraordinary projects throughout the world. Bechtel has provided service in more than one hundred sixty countries and serving all

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