The Ethics Of An Organization

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A whistleblower is said to be an individual who discloses information which is considered as unethical about an organization either to the general public or the top management of the organization. One of the key characteristics of a whistleblower is courage. So as to survive the war, whistleblowers must be fearless and courageous since the battle between them and the organization might last for an extended period. Whistleblowers are also known, to be honest individuals who stand by the truth. They are expected to provide correct unethical practices of an organization. Another essential characteristic is that whistleblowers are often guided by their ethical standard which is mostly known to be very high (Schmidt, 2016). Their moral values and beliefs cannot be easily changed or influenced. Whistleblowers are also well-educated individuals since they have to know their rights before engaging in war with corporate organizations. They are mostly loyal to ethics than they are to the organization. One instance of whistleblowing includes the 2014 Robert Blatchford claims against JC Penney. Blatchford had worked as a part-time employee at one of Penney 's stores located in Saint Petersburg (Schmidt, 2016). During his employment, Blatchford noticed that the store used to charge and collect taxes on items that were not supposed to be taxed and also full prices were charged for items on sale. Blatchford considered this practice to be unethical. Therefore he sorted to report the matter

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