Ethics in Alcohol Advertising

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Marketing and Ethics Introduction Marketing is a commercial right in many countries; it gives information to consumers about brands and choices, and also helps businesses with the selling of their products. In a market economy; some businesses are expected to act in a way, in which they have their own best interest. The field of marketing is there to create sustained competitive advantage. This advantage can only be achieved, when an organization does a better job than its competitors by satisfying the needs of both consumers and the organization. But the key issue here is that commercial freedoms need to be balanced against consumer’s safety and well-being. The field of marketing is undeniably that’s which raises the most controversies…show more content…
There is hardly a day when people do not hear or read media reports on corporate misbehaviour. Today, there is virtually no industry, market or business type that has not experienced growing demands to legitimate its practices to society at large. For example, retailing, banking, tourism, food and beverages, health care and entertainment industries for long considered to be fairly clean and unquestionable, now all face increasing expectations that they set up more responsible practices (Van de Ven, 2008). Companies have responded to this agenda by advocating what is now a common term in business: corporate social responsibility (CSR). The concept of corporate social responsibility is a management idea that has risen to unprecedented popularity throughout the global business community during the past decade. Most large companies, and even smaller ones, now feature CSR reports, managers, departments or at least CSR projects, and the subject is being promoted more and more as a main area of management, next to marketing, accounting or finance (Lee, 2007). Corporate Social Responsibility in the Marketplace According to instrumental theories, CSR is there to make a profit. Many Ethical theories debate that the relationship between social and business is important to ethical values. Therefore, companies must accept social responsibility as an ethical obligation. The marketplace is frequently portrayed as one of the most important
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