Ethnographic study at McDonalds Essay

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This essay focuses on the topic of globalization, taking along several other factors with it. Increasingly in the world, it becomes obvious that the globalization is affecting almost all the businesses of the world. Every market in some way or the other is following the principles of globalization. For example, McDonalds is a chain of restaurants working in collaboration to deliver their customers with the best product and to achieve this McDonalds follows the concepts of globalization. This essay will discuss anc ethnographic study at McDonalds examining whether it confirms or denies the claims made about globalization.

The ethnographic study took place at McDonalds’ shop, Leeds, local market in the afternoon of Monday, 17th
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After I paid and took my order, I looked around and there was an empty table in the corner. The tables and the floor were cleaned as soon as a customer leaves. I noticed a small group of young boys and girls entering in the McDonalds’ shop. They were all different nationalities (Greek, German, Nigerian and Italian). Maybe there were students to the local university. They ordered their meal and sat near to my table. They were too loud and started talking about their new-year plans. Next to them, an English family of four enjoyed their meal. Children were more likely to opt for kids’ meals like happy meals which include toys for the children that fascinate them. Families go for family meals and deals which provide cheaper rates for them. On the other side of McDonalds’ shop, there were people who were reading magazines, newspaper and books. In the entrance, a Chinese couple entered, they seemed like tourists as they had a map and a camera in their hand. During my presence in the shop, I noticed the division of labour comprised of more female staff than male. The reason behind such distribution of labour may be the timings that I chose to observe. The day timings may be more of comfort for the female staff and the night shifts might have more male members than female. Around 8 workers worked at a time excluding the manager. The staff comprised of English, French and Pakistani workers. The jobs were distributed in various categories
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