Mcdonalds: An Analysis Of Mcdonald's Corporate Culture

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McDonald's corporate culture is depending on shared value system and keeping up regulated quality development to provide same quality and reduce leading time. McDonalds has a big vision of being the number one employer in every single community in the world. Any branch for McDonald's is run either by the franchise or as the associate itself. McDonald's association is the world's most acknowledged and greatest job holder of food servicing for a bunch of customers on daily basis worldwide and perform more than 30,000 branches in more than 120 countries. It tries to show the company structure and the weak points in its process. The operational network is the system of the operation of an company (values, beliefs and policies). There are some flaws…show more content…
The analysis will include the reasons hidden behind the problem and other available options to the organization along with some recommendations for the future. McDonalds have a massive number of branches all over the world and every single branch includes different employees that are used to their country's culture, for example there are differences between the culture in The United States and Japan; therefore there are differences in each McDonald's branch in each country, for example in The United States the employers are less than super excited for doing their job unlike in Japan, every employer is enthusiastic for working in a very popular corporate as McDonalds, as a result for that costumers in the US are not fascinated with the customer service as in Japan, The cultural attention to work ethic definitely shows in Japanese McDonalds staff more than the US staff, not only when they taking an order at the counter, but also in how they provide the place where they work. Because McDonald's is still a fast food restaurant, service is responsive and quick unlike the US, and this is worth mentioning because it's complicated for a lot of
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