Eulogy For Grandfather

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The scent of fresh pine and baked turkey dominates over all senses, surging into the crisp air of the kitchen. Presents are stacked to the brim of the Christmas tree, while a toy train intermittently passes by. Effervescent ornaments sparkle with the memories of past years. Rooms are full with aunts, uncles, distant cousins, all of who push their troubles aside to celebrate this day once a year: Christmas . It is chaos, but the good kind.
And to think, all of this began with baked potato soup.
Growing up as a military brat was thrilling, but inconvenient at times. Having to move every 2-3 years made it difficult to maintain friendships and find consistency. My parents, who both were raised in the same town most of their adolescent life, made it a priority to visit our relatives at least once a year to keep a close relationship in spite of the distance. Our trips usually aligned with winter break, coincidentally the most important season of the Lemieux household. Family from all around the country comes down specifically for Christmas and we all convened into the one place that made this
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This was not his first encounter with the notorious disease, however, he decided that he lived a fulfilled life and wanted to die on his own terms. His health started to regress rapidly around Christmas time, so my parents decided to stay in Ohio. They did not want us kids to remember him in that light. At the time, I was infuriated with their decision but later understood their mindset. It was hard to comprehend how someone who I respected immensely and who played such a strong role in my life would no longer be present. Every Christmas, we still eat baked potato soup. However, it now stands as a tribute to my grandfather and all of the sacrifices he had made to make the celebration a
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