European Business : Furniture Industry

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European Business Essay: Furniture Industry in the EU

By Munesu Mushambadope
Inma Ramos

INB 6210
Word Count 2000


a) What is the furniture Industry
b) Members of the industry
c) The position of the EU in the global furniture market
d) Company size
Internal Market:
a) Market sources: national production, EU market integration and import flows
b) Traditional and growing manufacturing countries within the EU and the integration of productive systems
c) Trends in furniture sub-segments and EU specialization
d) Impact on people, capital, goods and services
e) Public Sector Procurement
f) Technical and physical barriers of trade in furniture sector
g) Single market standards for furniture
h) Supply chain of furniture
Safety regulations
a) Product safety regulations
b) Safety standards authorities
a) Innovation in furniture
b) Furniture quality
c) Choice of furniture shops and products
d) Falling prices for furniture
e) Mergers and acquisitions
f) State aid/cartel/abuse of market dominance
Main Objectives
a) To maintain and to promote permanent contact between the member industrial organizations
b) To establish and represent the general interests of European furniture
c) To ensure a systematic and a complete awareness among its members of industrial, technical, fiscal, economic, social and research problems of the European furniture industry
d) To act as a link between the furniture organizations in the European…
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