Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal

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There has been an ongoing battle whether or not euthanasia or physician assisted suicide should be legal. Whether or not is ethical for a physician to assist in a person 's death. Euthanasia or assisted suicide is causing the death of a person who is disease, suffering from a condition that is not curable. To end their suffering the individuals end their lives, but are important to keep in consideration that in order for the individual to make such a big decision they must be in the right state of mind. One of the greatest moral issues that we are facing is the principle of freedom. Whether or not individuals should have the right or not to choose what they are going to do with their live. Keeping in consideration that freedom was on what …show more content…

It gets harder to convince joint movement and the person usually dies because their bodies shut down.
The case of Janet Adkins went viral in 1990 when she decided to end her life at the age of fifty four. Due to the fact, that she did not wanted to continue living with Alzheimer’s. Adkins was a teacher at a community college and musician, a wife and a mother of three sons who complete support her decision. According to Jason Renaud the author of “Janet Adkins, Jack Kevorkian and the end of an era,” Adkins left annotated stating “I have decided for the following reasons to take my own life. This is a decision taken in a normal state of mind and is fully considered. I have Alzheimer 's disease and do not want to let it progress any further. I don 't choose to put my family or myself through the agony of this terrible disease." Janet contact a retired pathologist by the name of Jack Kevorkian to help her die with lethal injection machine that Doctor Kevorkian created. In the states that euthanasia is legal she wouldn’t had been able to take her life away, this it due to her condition not been terminal. Adkins still brought a big topic into the spotlight causing individual attention in the subject.

According to Death with Dignity the author of “FAQs” not every terminal ill adult can end their life. In order for the

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