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Evaluating Academic Program

With this ongoing rapidly developing in our world; the changing is needed and must be beginning of the education. In our education system we provide many academic programs to students, teachers or educational supervisors or others. It’s obvious that evaluation these academic programs is very significant to bring out better outcomes. Moreover, it is a very important part of the development of an educational process in all its aspects. At some point, educators will need to evaluate an educational program to determine its worth and to get a proper outcome. Thus, there are many committees and accreditation of teacher education revealed lately. I find this very interesting subject to write brief paper and …show more content…

Based on that fact, The evaluators seek input from educators as well as from other stakeholders such as students and the administration. This additional information will help the evaluator avoid the need to edit or add things to the evaluation model. Cook in his article “ twelve tips for evaluating educational programs” assert that an evaluation program set or help to inform a policy and guide decisions such as determining effectiveness, identifying areas for improvement, optimizing resource allocation, or empowering individuals (teachers, students, administrations, policy makers, etc) in their respective roles (2010)”. The evaluation programs will help the evaluators to realize whether this program or courses meet the students' needs or not. They will make decisions based on these evaluations. They will be recognized to any imperfections or which the areas need to improvement. I believe the evaluator should put the outcomes that they need to reach at the end of the evaluation process. Otherwise, the information they will get is useless. Moreover, Cook also mentions that the evaluators had better arrange the steps of an evaluation in the following order: Select the desired outcome at the beginning, choose the method of measurement, then select the instrument and, finally, the modality. The outcomes should vary so as to be in agreement with educational goals. James C McDavid & Laura R L Hawthorn in their book “Program Evaluation &

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