What Aspect Of The Program Would You Assess? How Does This Complement The Larger Group Evaluation?

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Purpose of the evaluation: What aspect of the program would you assess? How does this complement the larger group evaluation? (5 points)

Background: The group project focused on evaluating whether the environment in school lunchrooms employed environmental change strategies that encouraged healthy eating. These strategies involved using behavioral economics to improve meal selection. Group project evaluations would use surveys, focus groups and observation to evaluate the presence of Ravenswood City School District School lunchrooms strategies used for food labelling, nutrition education, portion sizing, taste expectations, smart pricing, suggestive selling, visibility, the presence of competing foods, positive communication by cafeteria …show more content…

Increasing fruit consumption in school lunchrooms could be as simple as offering smaller-sized pieces that children can easily hold, bite, and chew (T. Baranowski, 1999, N. Bonnhoff, 2002). This ties into the larger project of evaluating the environmental strategies the school employs to encourage healthy eating and observes if such a strategy actually increases the consumption of fruit at the school lunchrooms. Similar evaluations can be used to asses if vegetable, milk or whole grain consumption is increasing and this can help answer some of the larger scale issues around obesity in the Ravenswood City School District. Scaling up this type of evaluation can further investigate whether a bite size fruit portions or strategic serving of vegetables might improve fruit and vegetable consumption in other places, such as companies, hospitals, and senior living homes. It also offers opportunity for policy change in the way the myplate guidelines are presented to children and schools can take steps to make fruits and vegetables more enticing to children.
Evaluation question: What is your alternate evaluation trying to answer? Does this differ from your group evaluation question? (5 points)
The alternate evaluation trying to answer the question: Do children consume more fruit when it is cut into small pieces as compared to if it were offered to them whole? Smaller-sized fruit pieces should be appealing and easy to eat for smaller children and therefore

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