Evaluation And Selection Of Effective Engineering And Work Practice Controls Essay

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6.2.4 The Safety Manager solicits input from non-managerial employees responsible for direct-patient care in the identification, evaluation, and selection of effective engineering and work practice controls. Only those employees responsible for direct patient care who are potentially exposed to injuries from contaminated sharps need be contacted. Our solicitation method involves the following: Medical Emergency Response Team recommendations. The Safety Manager documents all solicitation in the ECP.
6.2.5 The following table lists the engineering and work practice controls identified during the solicitation in our last annual review, which took place 9/27/2016: Employees present included Darcie Holloway, Debbie Bilz, Chad Herndon, Donald Newcomb, Joshua Day, Andrew Bates, Jeff Smith.
6.2.6 Engineering and work practice controls will be used to prevent or minimize exposure to bloodborne pathogens. The specific engineering controls and work practice controls used are listed below: Washing hands immediately or as soon as feasible after removal of gloves or other personal protective equipment; Washing hands and any other skin with soap and water, or flushing mucous membranes with water immediately or as soon as feasible following contact of such body areas with blood or other potentially infectious materials; Not bending, not recapping, and not removing contaminated sharps except where: The employer can demonstrate that no alternative is feasible

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